Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I go about getting grooming services for my dog?

A: We go by appointment only. The sooner you make the appointment, the better chance of getting one on the day you need.

Q: What do I need for my first appointment?

A: All I require is proof of current rabies vaccine. Documented papers from your vet are required. If you cannot locate them I can call your vet and verbally verify your shots.

Q: Can I just pick up my dog in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon?

A:   No we do not offer pick up service and our mobile unit does not have kennels for boarding.  Dogs are not dropped off or picked up.  We groom them in our mobile grooming unit in front of your home and then they are returned as soon as the grooming services are completed.

Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?

A: That entirely depends on the dog and the type of groom however the grooming time is almost always faster than a land based because we groom  your pet non-stop start to finish. There is no cage drying or juggling other dogs. Time can run as short as 30 min and as long as 3 hours.

Q: What methods of payments do you accept?

A: Cash, check, or money order.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: New Orleans (Uptown, Gentilly, Mid City, and Lakeview), Metairie, Kenner, and the West Bank are primary areas. If you live outside those areas, give me a call and we can possibly make arrangements.

Q: Can I see your grooming unit?

A: Yes I would be proud to show you our state of the art grooming unit. In fact if you like we can make arrangements, Free of charge, to meet so that I can meet you and your pet  and I can show you my grooming unit.

Q: Do you service customers outside the service area?

A: Yes, However to offset the costs the travel fees will be higher so please call for a quote.

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