Basic Services


Bath and Brush includes: Bath , brush out ,nails and ears

Basic Groom includes: shave feet, stomach and sanitary. Light trim to face body and feet. Bath ,brush out ,nails and ears.

Full Groom includes: Full body grooming of owners choice. Face shaped and trimmed to preference. Bath Nails and ears.




Luxury care Package: +15.00 (in addition to regular grooming or bath and brush package)


The ultimate care package to be purchased with any bath & brush or groom service.

Toothbrushing: using a great tasting chicken flavored toothpaste and his/her own toothbrush which is yours to keep for future use.

Remoisturising conditioner to treat his/her skin and coat and leave a clean fresh scent.

Custom shampoo: Whatever they need (oatmeal, flea and tick, Whitening Medicated or deep cleansing ) they get.

Nails trimmed and then grinded.

Leave in conditioner for longhaired dogs

Bows Bandanas or custom charm




De-shedding treatment: +$20.00 (in addition to any bath and brush or groom)

* Recommended for double-coated breeds with thick, heavy-shedding undercoat *


Is the shedding hair driving you? Then this is for you, and it includes:

Special Furminator Shampoo and conditioner which breaks down shedding hair is used for the bath

3-Step bathing process to help remove thick undercoat

A 30 min brushing with the furminator tool to remove that undercoat leaving your dog looking fresh and natural

Tooth brushing

Nails trimmed and grinded




Extra Services


Flea and Tick Treatment: Small $6.00, Medium $8.00, Large $10.00

Toothbrushing $11.00

Dematting: $15.00/$15 min (providing mats are not so severe as to endanger the safety of the pet.)

Special Handling : $10.00 Difficult pet, Strip down, health issue.


Note: All these services are included in the Luxury care package so if your dog needs one or more of these then the Luxury  care package would be the most value.



Special Savings Programs


Rebook Specials:

Rebook your next appointment for 2 weeks or less $10.00 discount

Rebook your next appointment between 2-4 weeks $5.00 discount


Customer Referral

$10.00 discount on next service or free luxury Kaboose package (15.00 value)

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